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Life is full of uncertainties. A hale and hearty person one day might end up on a hospital bed the next day.
Often, due to the delay in administering proper and adequate medication is the reason for the failing health of many patients. For preciously this reason, the presence of ample home medical supplies is an absolute must for every household in this day and age.

The Beverly Hills Medical Supply Center staffers are quite aware of the inconvenience and the occasional confusions the residents of Beverly Hills, CA might endure when attempting to acquire specialized home medical supplies and home medical equipments at ones regular local drug stores about the area. We have made a deliberate effort to locate our medical supply center at the heart of the city of Beverly Hills, CA and to offer our mobile services as we strive hard to cater to the needs of one and all in and around area and also the nearby areas of Los Angeles.


In medical terms we basically use the word mobility to refer to the movement of the patient. Whether with the help of another or through ones own efforts, mobility of the patient is likely the important issue in maintaining independence. Therefore among our most essential home medical equipments, we have put great thought into bringing to our customers wheelchairs of all kinds namely, manual wheelchairslight weight wheelchairsheavy duty wheelchairs and the very latest power motorized wheelchairs. All these wheelchairs have been designed, constructed, and tested by highly trained professionals and satisfy all the basic requirements of any other standard wheelchairs.
For those looking for just some added walking stability, not quite desiring a wheelchair, ourwalkers are also in great demand due to the extremely high quality standards that we maintain. We provide both 2 wheels walkers and 4 wheels walkers. Then again, if you are looking for something with a bit more pep than a wheelchair we carry a full line ofmobility scooters. Should the lifting of your mobility equipment become an issue we can equip you with one or more of the many Hoyer Lifts.

Beds and Mattresses

Beds and mattresses can arguably be considered as the most important home medical equipments the significance of which cannot be stated in word being that a good nights sleep on a comfortable bed with a comfortable mattress could likely be the most important component of the healing process.

We at Medical Supply Center in Beverly Hills have at our disposal a very large selection of semi-electrical hospital beds. These beds can make sleep enjoyable again for someone that needs that little extra mobility and adjustability as nothing could be worse than not getting a good nights sleep because your bed is not in compliance with your needs. If your needs should require the use of supportive oxygen we also offer  full-electrical hospital beds that can be equipped with the high quality tent units directly attached to the beds.

Hospital Bed Mattresses go hand in glove with any bed and for these special kinds of beds, we have the latest low air loss mattress and the gel mattresses overlay. The one thing you never want to do is purchase a bed looking to increase your rest factor without also considering the purchase of a new mattress. And when it comes to offering the best in medical healing rest there is likely nothing more comfortable than a quality low loss air mattress or the comfort offered by the simplicity of a gel mattress overlay.

Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies

If Sleep Apnea has been your medical diagnosis causing an unrested nights sleep then no worries, there is CPAP and BiPAP technology that can help. So if you are in need of either the highest quality CPAP or BiPAP machinesor CPAP or BiPAP supplies you can rest comfortably knowing that they are all available at our stores at the best possible prices and we can deliver them to your door anywhere in Beverly Hills or the surrounding Los Angeles County area.


The highly impressive range of our home medical supplies has always managed to leave our patients and customers in awe. And so to meet the extended needs of all of our clients we provide only the best quality medical oxygen suppliesmedical orthopedics supplies .

We believe in the saying, “Prevention is always better than cure” and hence we also have a section devoted solely to back bracesankle supports, knee braces and elbow supports. So even if one of our customers is feeling even the slightest discomfort relative to the back, angles, knees or elbows, he or she will be able to obtain immediate relief with the help of these supportive equipments.

We at Beverly Hills Supply Center genuinely know the kind of problems faced by the general public in case of any medical emergencies and hence have worked hard to train each and every single one of our staff members, the tact of dealing with traumatized patients and their even more tensed family members.

Finance is sometimes a concern when it comes to home medical-supplies and especially during the times of a medical emergency. It is possible in some cases that cost or insurance coverage becomes a hindrance towards the administration of the best possible treatment. We have identified this area of concern, and have taken on the responsibility of maintaining a highly skilled staff to handle all possible insurance matters for our customers. This is another reason why we are able to better help you with your effort to acquire in home medical-supplies at prices and with service better than that of many of the other such medical supply centers in the entire California area.

Beverly Hills Medical Supply Center is hardly just any other drug or home medical supply store. It is a mission to stand by all of our clients in some of the most trying times of life. We have set a goal to provide to each and every one, the highest possible quality of life and vow that we will stop at nothing short of reaching this target.

Images and Product Descriptions are for illustration purposes only. Exact product supplied, or product substitution suggested, could very slightly from the product on display depending upon availability. Information displayed on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be use for ordering or prescriptions. For details or ordering information please call and speak with one of our medical supply product specialists.
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